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13 Mar , 2024

Cufflinks, A man’s old friend has been introduced in the 17th century where King Charles II recognised for his style popularised cufflinks by regularly wearing them in public, helping to influence the people’s opinion on these statement accessories.

Since their creation, cufflinks have been seen as a symbol of status for gentlemen with luxury gold and gemstone cufflinks seen as a symbol of wealth, power and reputation. Some traditions from the history of cufflinks still remain today.

What is a cufflink ?

Cufflinks are ornamental clasps made to secure the cuffs on tuxedo shirts, dress shirts, or women's blouses, serving as a stylish substitute for buttons. They typically feature a cylindrical post and a decorative end visible to onlookers. Customization options such as monogramming or engraving are commonly employed to add a personalized touch. The designs of cuff links are diverse, encompassing materials such as sterling silver, leather, various stones, and more, offering an extensive array of choices to achieve a refined and decorative appearance.

What are the three main parts of a Cufflink ?

  1. The front face - is the top of the cufflink, featuring a design, gemstone, or any other attractive material
  1. The post - is the part that goes through the cuff holes and is attached to the toggle
  1. The toggle - is the bottom part of the cufflink, pivoting 90 degrees to lock in place and preventing the cufflink from slipping out of the cuff holes.

Fun Fact : Cufflinks actually pre-date the button, safety pin, zipper and Velcro.



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