Different Types of Cuffs

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13 Mar , 2024


There are different types of Cufflinks which have been named by the way they look or the function they have. Following are a few examples of these cufflinks :

  1. Whaleback Cufflinks : The distinctive toggle of this cufflink mirrors the graceful shape of a whale's tail, giving rise to its aptly coined name, "Whaleback.".
  1. Bullet-Back Cufflinks : True to their name, these cufflinks exhibit a design reminiscent of a classic button or stud.
  1. Chain-link Cufflinks : Chain link cufflinks boast a timeless legacy, predating the Industrial Revolution. Constructed from two typically identical faces, these cufflinks are elegantly connected by a delicate chain.
  1. Ball-Return Cufflinks : These feature a substantial rear ball connected to the decorative face by a chain or curved post; their enduring design lacks moving parts, though securing them can be more intricate
  1. Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks : A modern choice, closing securely with a wristwatch-like mechanism; both faces are identical, adding a visual aesthetic to either side of your sleeve.
  1. Silk-knot Cufflinks : Fashioned from vibrant silk with twin knots, add a playful touch ideal for casual occasions but are less suitable for formal or professional settings.



Now that we know about the different kinds of cufflinks, We must talk about the different cuffs you can use to wear these cufflinks.

There are mainly two types of cuffs :

  1. Barrel Cuffs


1.1 Two-button square cuff

1.2 Two-button angle cuff

1.3 Two-button rounded cuff

1.4 Continental cuff

1.5 Envelope cuff

1.6 Cone cuff

1.7 Neapolitan cuff

1.8 Tab cuff

1.9 Italian cuff


  1. French Cuffs


  1. Square cuff
  2. Angle cuff
  3. Round cuff
  4. Continental Cuff

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